Half-Off Xbox Series S: Verizon Customers Can Get An Xbox Console For half price Before April 30

Are you looking for the perfect gaming console for your home? Look no further than the Xbox Series S, now available for half-off for Verizon customers before April 30th. This limited-time offer will get you a powerful gaming console for half price – that’s a huge discount that you won’t want to miss. Keep reading to find out more about this amazing deal and how to take advantage of it!

Verizon Offers half price discount on Xbox Series S For Limited Time

There’s no denying that gaming is one of the most popular hobbies in the world, and Xbox gaming is no exception. Verizon has announced a limited time offer for customers of the company’s FiOS service: buy an Xbox Series S console for half off its usual price.

The Xbox Series S is an ideal console for playing titles on Game Pass and Xbox exclusives, as well as taking up much less space than the more powerful Series X model. This console is perfect for gamers who want to take advantage of all that Game Pass has to offer or who just want an easy way to play their favorite games.

To take advantage of this incredible deal, Verizon subscribers should login to their accounts and head over to the company’s store. Once there, they should add the console to their cart and check out with it in hand (double check!). Once purchased, gamers can explore our list of best Xbox Game Pass games or horror titles available on the platform plus don’t forget Hi Fi Rush!

All week long leading up to March 10th there are Mario games on sale as well! With a new Xbox at a discounted rate comes great opportunity snag one now while you still can! If you’re not familiar with Xbox Game Pass, it’s a subscription service that provides access to hundreds of different games across different platforms (PC/Mac/Xbox One). It’s an affordable way to get your hands on next generation gaming without breaking your budget. So don’t wait – order your own discounted Xbox now!

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The Xbox Series S is an amazing gaming console with cutting-edge technology and a wide selection of games. With Verizon’s limited-time offer, you can get this powerful console for only half price – a deal you won’t want to miss. To take advantage of this incredible offer, Verizon customers should log in to their accounts and head over to the company’s store before April 30th. Don’t wait – get your discounted Xbox now and start exploring all that Game Pass has to offer!

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